019 | Fleet President Jeff Gardner and Express President Kosha Irby THROW DOWN in an Epic Week 4 Preview

February 28, 2019

The Boys at the Yard sit down with Memphis Express and San Diego Fleet Presidents Kosha Irby and Jeff Garner in a candid, yet hilariously entertaining look at the state of the AAF.  It's clear that the brotherhood is strong amongst the Alliance front offices as Jeff and Kosha get into it like brothers playing ball in the back yard.  



00:00 | Intros

02:00 | News | Predictions Come True | Fleet VS Commanders mini recap


18:00 | In-depth Recap of Fleet VS Commanders

28:00 | An Exploration of Nicknames

39:00 | Fleet President Jeff Garner and Kosha Irby THROW DOWN

49:00 | Presidents react to 250 Million Investment

01:04:00 | President react to Attendances, Ratings

01:11:00 | Kosha Issues a Game Day Challenge

01:15:00 | Presidents make nice.