022 | San Diego Fleet fall to the Birmingham Iron

March 20, 2019

In this weeks episode, We narrow the loss down to just one singular reason.

The Boys are Displeased. 



021 | The March Miracle! Fleet Tame the Stallions in the Most Exciting Game in AAF History.

March 12, 2019

The Boys recap the most exciting game in AAF history.  It was exciting, there were some insane plays by Kam Kelly and the Destroyers... but it wasn't ALL good.  We break down the great, the bad, and the ugly in the Fleet's Miraculous win over the Salt Lake Stallions. 


Smiffy Misses the game.  Was he wrong?


AAF Power Round


Alternate Uniform Prediction


Fleet Stallions Recap and Breakdown


The Passing Game.  Is Berco the answer? 


The Running Game


Best defense?


Best tight ends?




instagram live with a Bunch of Fleetm’n!


General Fleet Awareness


Attendance Report!


What will the All Start Team be?


Will The AAF get Contracted NFL Players “On Loan?”


020 | The Fake Punt Episode - With San Diego Fleet GM Dave Boller

March 6, 2019

The boys get into the fake punt.   They Really get into it.  San Diego Fleet GM Joins to discuss the QB Situation, injuries, Johnny Manziel and more... talk about that freaking fake punt... 



The News


The Ball is for Sale


Sky Judge showing up.


AAF Power Round


Fleet Recap


The Fake Punt Heard Round the World


Dave Boller update


Boller on Torgersen


Boller on Manziel


Running Game Preview


Daily Fantasy Roundup


QB outlook Our Take


Week 5 Preview


019 | Fleet President Jeff Gardner and Express President Kosha Irby THROW DOWN in an Epic Week 4 Preview

February 28, 2019

The Boys at the Yard sit down with Memphis Express and San Diego Fleet Presidents Kosha Irby and Jeff Garner in a candid, yet hilariously entertaining look at the state of the AAF.  It's clear that the brotherhood is strong amongst the Alliance front offices as Jeff and Kosha get into it like brothers playing ball in the back yard.  



00:00 | Intros

02:00 | News | Predictions Come True | Fleet VS Commanders mini recap


18:00 | In-depth Recap of Fleet VS Commanders

28:00 | An Exploration of Nicknames

39:00 | Fleet President Jeff Garner and Kosha Irby THROW DOWN

49:00 | Presidents react to 250 Million Investment

01:04:00 | President react to Attendances, Ratings

01:11:00 | Kosha Issues a Game Day Challenge

01:15:00 | Presidents make nice. 

018 | Is the AAF Broke or is Darren Rovell just an idiot? We clarify. FLEET WIN! Ja’Quan Gardner & The Destroyers

February 20, 2019

The Internet does it again and somehow turns a 250 Million dollar investment into a BAD thing.  We place the blame squarely on the ground zero of internet idiocy, "Sports Reporter" Darren Rovell.


00:00 - Smoothest Intro of all time

02:00 - Darren Rovell sucks.  Here's why. 

05:30 - Hotshots Coach Rick Neuheisel responds

09:00 - Game Day Experience Recapped

20:00 - The Phil Nelson Toss heard round the world. 



40:00 - The boys get innovative on how to use one of the App's weirdest "Features" 

41:10 - Phil Nelsons Sorted Past

45:00 - 1000 Followers! 

47:00 - New Home for Away Games

50:00 - Rivalry Week Challenge

017 | The Phil Nelson Era Begins - San Diego Fleet GM talks AAF Week 1 and Week 2 Preview

February 13, 2019

The Boys reflect on their worst nightmare... Losing to the San Antonio Commandorks.  Talk about the new face of the Fleet, Phil "Holy Abs" Nelson (You're welcome ladies,)  and have an in-depth discussion with San Diego Fleet GM Dave Boller. 


00:00 - Intro


12:00 - Fleet/Commanders Game Recap

15:00 - Sky Judge is a total no-show

21:20 - Fleet Pants...

24:00 - Phil Nelson's Instagram enhances Smiffy & VanAwesome's body image issues.  ...  https://www.instagram.com/philnelson_/

25:00 - Interview with Dave Boller

36:00 - Injury status with Dave Boller

48:00 - NFL Team Affiliations clarified?  I.E. Shut up Twitter!

49:55 - Joe is Puppy Tired

54:00 - Facebook & Twitter Q's

1:02:00 - App Review

1:17:00 - Rejected Sleepy Time Intro Song



016 | Live AAF Pregame Preview on Full Press Coverage

February 9, 2019

The Boy's go live and unfiltered.   Previewing the opening day of the Alliance of American football. 


Special Guests Jeff Goldberg, team reporter for the San Diego Fleet and Memphis Express and Goal Podcast hosts Dan and Michelle! 


015 | A full hour with San Diego Fleet WR Kam Kelly at Hodad’s Brewing Company

February 4, 2019

The Boys return to Hodad's Brewing Company for another special Brew & Review:  Training Camp Edition with San Diego Fleet WR and former SDSU DB Kam Kelly!  

  • Round 1: Ice Breakers
  • Round 2: Camp Review and discussion
  • Round 3: Preseason Scrimmage vs The Orlando Apollos
  • Round 4: Week one preview / Story of how Kam joined the Alliance. 

Join us for our watch Party at The 55 Yard Line in San Marcos, Saturday, Feb 9th 4:30 till the game end.





014 | San Diego Fleet vs Orlando Apollos Play by Play Review! | AAF App updates & Alliance Football Roster cut downs

January 31, 2019

In this week's Episode of The Shipyard Podcast, The Boys take you through the San Diego Fleet VS. The Orlando Apollos in perhaps the first ever, AAF Play-by-Play / Drive-by-Drive commentary!

  1. An Intro music jam for the ages. 
  2. Final Roster Cut Downs!
    1. Josh Johnson still a possibility? 4:20
    2. Bishop Sankey Situation 5:00
    3. Roster Updates
  3. New Offensive Coordinator
    1. We mad mad : 10:30
  4. How we got the Play By Play Data: 14:00
  5. Game Drive-by-drive recap! 17:00
    1. Link to the Full Play by Play breakdown! 
  6. Key Take-aways 40:00
  7. App Update! 50:30



With goodness sprinkled throughout! 

013 | San Diego Fleet Podcast - Is the NFL a shadow investor in the AAF? And BEEF!

January 23, 2019

In this weeks episode, the Boys at the Yard hold players accountable for their egregious beef preferences, provide updates on training camp, announce important tailgating info, and take a trip to Conspiracy Corner. 


Is the NFL secretly funding the AAF as a massive-scale proof of concept league in order to solve the NFL's biggest problems?!?!  Our spiritual advisor says "Yes... freaking nailed it brochachos!"